Identity Lifecycle, Risk, & Relationship Management

Manage Identities Before Granting Access

Non-Employee System of Record

NE Profile provides a user-friendly solution that easily allows an organization to manage third party identities, their relationships with your organization and the possible risks of those relationships. The software enables business users to directly manage non-employees, and administrators to configure processes and policies to cover onboarding, offboarding, non-employee extensions and reporting.

NE Profile is a robust solution to the challenges of managing non-employee data. NE Profile offers these key features:

  • Simple, business-friendly point-and-click user interface
  • Central repository for all non-employee data
  • Easily modifiable workflows that can handle anything from simple data entry to complex approval processes
  • Integrations and robust API infrastructure

Third Party Self-Service & Delegated Administration

NE Access provides a partner portal for vendors or third party delegated administrators to manage identities and seamlessly execute business processes within your organization. NE Access also enables non-employees to participate in the task of onboarding themselves by starting the workflow process of providing the necessary information to meet the criteria and requirements for onboarding as defined by your business requirements.

NE Access allows your partners and vendors the ability to administer their relationship while adhering to corporate policy and governance, allowing for:

  • Self-service registration
  • Self-certification
  • Third party delegated administration
  • Third party delegated attestation

Consolidated Identity Directory

ID Proxy allows organizations to merge people data to establish and maintain master identities in a centralized repository. Whether an organization has people data stored in one or one hundred data sources, ID Proxy intelligently analyzes and processes it all, ensuring that all your people data is streamlined into one master identity.

  • Have a global view of all master identities
  • Collect and merge data from any number of sources, creating a single source of master identities
  • Maintain master profiles as a person's relationship with an organization changes
  • Improve M&A integration activity

Customer Identity

Digital business is expanding the need for customer-facing identity and access management. With SecZetta’s Customer Identity software companies can optimize experience and maintain a 360 degree view of their customers. Organizations benefit from:

  • Single view of the customer through profile and identity management
  • Improved conversion rates through simplified registration experience
  • Unified customer experience across channels
  • Manage customer data sharing preferences

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