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Third Party, Non-Employees: The Role of HR and IT Security is Merging

A data security breach… it’s a nightmare proposition for any corporation and a reality not too unrealistic for many.

Third Party Identity Blog Series – Part 3: “Have it Your Way!”

Requirements: What You Want, What You Need, What You Can Get Implementing a non-employee management solution starts with identifying solution requirements.

Identity Relationship Management Mitigates Identity Risk

Everything has an Identity This seems like a simple statement, but frankly it’s a concept that is often overlooked.

Third Party Identity Blog Series – Part 2: How to Tackle the Problem

The Life-Cycle Hotel: Non-Employees Check-In, but They Don’t Check-Out Most companies have put attention into onboarding non-employees.

Third Party Risk – The Weakest Link

Forbes magazine recently published an article talking about 10 security myths that need to be busted. The third myth jumped right out at us at SecZetta, “Protecting yourself is good enough.

Third Party Identity Blog Series – Part 1: Realizing the Identity Problem

Who Has Keys to Your House? If your company is like most, possibly 20% to 35% of people with access to your physical and/or logical assets are 3rd parties/non-employees.

How to Decrease the Insider (Outsider) Threat Risk

Information Security departments spend months developing “defense in depth” strategies to protect their company’s information assets.

Information Crossroads in a Gig Economy: Third Party Identity Management Where HR and InfoSec Meet

In today’s dynamic, ultra-mobile gig economy, the U.S. workforce looks nothing like it did a decade ago—in fact, it looks nothing like it did just two years ago.

Do You Have an Effective IAM Solution? 5 Ways to Improve Your Strategy

Implementing and managing an effective identity and access management (IAM) strategy is important for every business today.

The Contingent Workforce is Growing. Is Your HR Department Ready?

The contingent workforce in the United States and around the world is growing.

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