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Bridging the Gap Between Vendor Risk Management and Third Party Identity Lifecycle

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Helping Your Business Manage Third Party Risk

The traditional approach to managing identities through an HR system is no longer enough, as two-thirds of all data breaches today occur as a result of a third party. Businesses need a solution for managing and identifying the full universe of people that touch the corporation, including non-employee identities.

Learn how our team at SecZetta is helping businesses protect themselves against third party theft with a first of its kind suite of identity and access management software.

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Our highly skilled and motivated team works with our clients providing consulting, integration and implementation services. The result is world-class Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) programs purpose built for your organization. SecZetta’s holistic approach ensures that your organization’s security and regulatory compliance needs are fulfilled. Since identity is our only focus, we bring a level of expertise to every project like no other company — and we know how to ensure that all projects deliver the results you want, on time and within budget.

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  • Program Oversight & Governance
  • Vendor Capability Assessment
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During the evaluation process, when we were comparing SecZetta to a few other vendors, one question I asked all the IAM providers was specifics on how they would handle certain business and use cases. I didn’t want them to micromanage. I was looking for the most mature and consistent answers. SecZetta provided that.

Information Security Manager

To meet our regulatory and security requirements, we need a solution that ensures the right people view the right data at the right time. SecZetta’s NE Profile product was exactly what we needed. With just a few mouse-clicks, we’re able to set up security that maintains data privacy without slowing down the business. Our users see only the information they are authorized to see and we can easily change settings and workflow process as our needs change.

Security Operations Manager

It’s a big win for IT and the business to have an out of the box solution that provides a user-friendly experience with the flexibility to accommodate a variety of business processes. Our non-employee population is large and diverse, encompassing students, clinical staff, vendors and individual contractors. We needed a solution that can handle that diversity and empower different parts of the business in managing non-employees.

IT Director

In today's complex environment where we are being asked to manage more identity types than ever, it was critical for us to find a solution flexible enough to handle everything from a traditional contract employee to a complex third party relationship to our customers buying across multiple product lines. What we liked most about SecZetta was the solution could handle any identity type with any unique requirements the business demanded.

Director of HRIS Technology

As we continued to add more non-employees, it became clear to us that the process for managing these non-employees was fragmented. Tracking non-employees was a nightmare and often resulted in having inaccurate data that was hard to find and difficult to track. Now we have a single identity repository that allows us to maintain master identities for all employees and non-employees alike for the entire lifecycle of the relationship with our organization. From student to part-time employee to full-time employee, we have complete control.

Director of IAM
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