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Third Party Identity Challenge

The Third Party Challenge

In the modern enterprise environment, many businesses are outsourcing some, or all, of their business responsibilities to third party non-employee contractors. Third party contractors are granted access to critical systems and sensitive data, which can be problematic. They are often overlooked as a potential threat to an organization. The hiring of temporary employees involves an organization trusting an outside party with a variety of sensitive information, be it customer or financial data. With an increase in third party non-employees, many organizations are investigating new tools for third party lifecycle risk management.

“As third party outsourcing continues to gain in popularity, the threat of malicious insiders will only continue to grow. However, with the right security software in place to monitor the activity of these third parties, it is possible to mitigate the risks of allowing access to sensitive data to outside parties, as well as ensure compliance with regulations requiring the careful monitoring of data access.” Reducing the threats posed by third party contractors -Information Age

Fifty-six percent of companies surveyed by The Ponemon Institute for their recent 3rd party data breach report, experienced a data breach caused by a third party. Fewer than one in five companies – 17 percent – felt their organizations effectively managed third party risk. And less than half of all respondents said that managing outsourced relationship risks is a priority in their organization.

SecZetta specializes in 3rd party non-employee identity lifecycle risk solutions.

Providing  an authoritative source and system of record for managing all non-employees, that integrates and compliments any IAM and/or HR management system.

SecZetta’s NE Profile addresses the risk and challenges of onboarding and managing non-employees. You can easily capture and manage any information your business requires about an individual, organization or group. You can even put the job of validating identity relationships on your third parties, reducing the need for 90 day extension policies.

To learn about a purpose built non-employee system of record and how it can help, please click on the button above, “Request a Demo”.

With NE Profile you will:

  • Understand who is out there and how they are related
  • Understand the risk of that person being there
  • Create a collaborative business process to manage them
Is Your Business at Risk?
Find out how non-employees could be affecting your company’s security
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