Manage Identities Before Granting Access

Hosted by: Dave Pignolet, President & Founder and Jason Hobart, SVP of Sales & Partner

The traditional approach to managing identities with homegrown solutions, customized IGA products, or HR systems is no longer enough. Identity orchestration for 3rd party, non-employees is more complex than ever. Businesses need a solution for managing, identifying, and assessing the risk of all people that touch the corporation, including non-employee identities.

In this webinar we we will discuss profiles and relationships as it relates to non-employee identities (people and things) and how important is is for organizations to think differently about how they manage third parties.

Diving deeper into:

  • The linkage between vendor risk and identity risk
  • The gaps that exist today in Identity & Access Management
  • Common challenges businesses face when managing third party, non-employees
  • What a best in class solution for managing all non-employee population types looks like

Walking away from this demo you will have seen a solution purpose built to manage third parties and how easy it can be to implement at your organization, and at a minimum learned some new strategies to think about for your organization.

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