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Geisinger Tackles the Non-Employee Challenge with SecZetta


Founded in 1915, Geisinger Health System is a physician-led, not-for-profit, integrated delivery system which provides more than 2.6 million people in 44 counties in Pennsylvania a complete continuum of health care. The system employs more than 12,000 people.


12,000 employees 20,000 non-employees

Key Benefits

“We needed an out-of-the-box non-employee management solution that could be implemented in a short-time frame.” – Joe Andes, IT Program Director, Geisinger Health System

Ultimately, Geisinger selected SecZetta’s NE Profile product to meet this urgent need. NE Profile features allow an organization to:

The Challenges

Geisinger had addressed the need to manage the non-employee population by developing its own homegrown non-employee management solution. Over time, this solution had fallen victim to a common problem with in-house solutions: lack of resources to maintain the solution at an acceptable level. Geisinger needed an out-of-the-box non-employee management solution that could be implemented in a short time-frame. The solution needed to cover the complex requirements and multiple use-cases related to managing their large non-employee population. The first hurdle was to fully gather, vet and document the functional requirements and design of the new solution. This was challenging due to several factors:

The Solution

NE Profile is a powerful user-friendly solution that easily allows an organization to manage business process for third party identities, their relationships with your organizations and the risk associated with those relationships.

NE Profile features allow an organization to:

“The solution needed to cover the complex requirements and multiple use-cases related to managing our large non-employee population.” – Joe Andes, IT Program Director, Geisinger Health System

Certain features were especially important:

Ease of Use:

NE Profile uses a point-and-click and drag-and-drop admin interface to enable a user to setup complex workflows with multiple fulfillment, approval and review steps, along with notifications. This translates to lower TCO and greatly reduces the risk of solution degradation due to resource constraints.

Integration with IAM solutions:

NE Profile was designed by IAM experts and includes built-in integration points to connect with an existing IAM solution. It also allows for importing legacy non-employee data as well as current vendor management, training, contract and other relevant data.

Small Footprint:

NE Profile ships with its own database and can run on a single server. Base installation time is minimal and migrations to other environments are not complex.

The Implementation

Geisinger relied on SecZetta’s expertise to translate requirements into configured workflows in NE Profile. SecZetta resources focused on configuring workflows and other functionality, while Geisinger resources focused on finalizing requirements and evaluating configured workflows. This iterative process meant that configuration work was ongoing through the project. NE Profile ’s ability to allow quick and easy reworking of workflows greatly reduced the risk of missing the project deadline. Though the project scope and challenges were greater than anticipated, the Geisinger and SecZetta project teams worked very closely together so that issues could be addressed as soon as they were identified.

The Results

Geisinger met its goal! The new solution rolled out before year end without interrupting Geisinger’s ability to manage non-employees. The new solution now manages over 20,000 non-employee records as well as VPN accounts. All legacy data has been incorporated.

Some improvements over the previous system:

  1. NE Profile allows an owner to designate other individuals or roles (containing multiple individuals) as co-owners of one or more non-employee records.
  2. NE Profile comes out of the box with the ability to include ‘old’ vs ‘new’ data, e.g. a notification re: a name change could not display the old and new name.
  3. NE Profile allows Geisinger to set and enforce maximum duration for non employee access, including different durations for different types of non-employees.
  4. Geisinger staff can create and modify workflows without dependency on highly technical staff. This was essential to manage an ever-changing population with associated processes also subject to frequent change.
  5. In addition, Geisinger can now enjoy the benefit of software that is continually enhanced based on their own developing needs and those of others facing similar challenges in managing non-employees.
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