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Non-Employee Lifecycle Management with SecZetta

  Today, managing the identity lifecycle for non-employees is an arduous and time-consuming process.


Identity Gap in Third Party Risk Management, Vendors Increase Breach Risks Whitepaper

Organizations have eagerly embraced growing and diverse populations of partners, vendors, and other contingent labor as well as non-human technologies like service accounts, bots, and smart devices to…


HR Data Management in a Non-Employee World: 4 Things to Know

The digitalization of the workforce and the rise of the gig economy has dramatically changed the structure of many organizations, which in turn has posed new challenges for HR teams.


Mitigating Risk to Healthcare Data in Heightened Threat Environments

The digitization of healthcare has been a powerful tool in creating better, faster, and more complete care for patients.



Don’t Miss Our Speaking Session: Managing IAM Risk for Complex User Populations Wednesday, March 11th at 10:15 AM in Hall A – Booth 400 – Cybersecurity Theater B Listen to Brian De…

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