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SecZetta Quarterly Newsletter – Q2

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Collaborative Onboarding Process of a Non-Employee

View our first video in a series of snackable content videos, Collaborative Onboarding of a Non-Employee.


The Risk Management Blind Spot, Third-Party Identities Often Create Unrecognized Risks Whitepaper

An ever-growing area of concentration in risk management is identifying and mitigating the risks that third parties introduce to an organization – and perhaps equally important, ensuring that third …

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SecZetta Integration for One Identity Manager

In today’s business landscape third parties comprise, on average, 40% of the workforce.


Filling the Identity Gap in Third Party Risk Management

Date: Tuesday, April 14, 2020 More so than ever before, organizations in almost every vertical industry are relying on growing and increasingly diverse numbers of third parties (non-employees) to supp…

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