System of Record

System of Record

Relationship, Lifecycle, and Risk Management for Non-Employees

What are the challenges?

Whether it’s line managers, HR or IT that takes on the responsibility, it’s a challenge to find the right tool. The non-employee population is often a mix of employee types, each one subject to different onboarding, offboarding and data maintenance requirements. The ultimate goal? To enable management and oversight without imposing a burden on the business.

Ideally, non-employee identities should be managed by those closest to it (i.e. the managers of non-employees). However many businesses are pushing the burden to Human Resources, who is focused on managing full-time employees; Procurement, who is more focused on managing contracts; or finally IT, who is more concerned with managing access to assets. Non-employees are often treated as orphans, loosely managed via an ad hoc collection of spreadsheets and home-grown databases.

What is the NE Profile Solution?

NE Profile addresses the risk and challenges of onboarding and managing non-employees. Easily capture and manage any information your business requires about an individual, organization or group.


A clean, modern design results in an intuitive interface that requires little or no training for an end user or administrator. Ease of use is a core tenet of the product.


Ease of use is not just for business users. Admins can easily create and modify workflows, attributes, views, forms and built-in actions as building blocks. Business process and workflow logic is configured through a drag and drop admin and no database or coding experience is required.


NE Profile is focused on managing the full scope and complexity of non-employee relationships (e.g. vendors, contractors, students, physicians, etc.), unlike HR solutions which typically have pre-defined and static relationship structure.


NE Profile allows each non-employee to have a sponsor and many contributors to collaborate in the management of the full non-employee lifecycle.


Need a complex workflow including multiple approval steps, reviews and notifications? Need to gather signed Non-Disclosure Agreements? Or have unique business requirements? No problem, just a few clicks and you are there.


The identity management platform will allow your organization to choose who is responsible for maintaining identity data based on the type of identity and type of relationship an individual has with an organization. A complete view of all your organization's identities in one place.

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