Identity Self-Service & Delegated Identity Administration

What are the Challenges?

The onboarding process of a non-employee sometimes doesn’t exist. If one does exist, it is often manual, slow, inconsistent and risk-laden.

Non-employees are oftentimes given the same access as full-time employees, which poses a much greater risk as they are not as invested in the company as a full-time employee. In addition, partners often fail to provide notification when their employees have been terminated, resulting in the terminated non-employee having continued (unauthorized) access to systems and applications.

Frequently, organizations struggle with how to best provide access for their non-employees without leaving themselves vulnerable. Finding an intuitive and easily adaptable way to enable your business to onboard non-employees while ensuring appropriate controls are in place prior to granting access to your sensitive data is challenging.

What is the NE Access Solution?

NE Access provides a portal for self-service or third party delegated administration of identity lifecycle process. Non-employees and third party delegated admins can regularly validate identity relationships to ensure access is being governed effectively.


Third party delegated administrators can be assigned to execute processes such as onboarding, updating, or terminating identities. Bringing third parties into the process alleviates the arduous task of identity administration by the organization, while maintaining oversight and governance.


Control the risk associated with ineffective offboarding by requiring your vendor to attest to the relationship and/or employment status of a non-employee resource.


Take the burden of collecting accurate information off your business users and administrators by allowing non-employees to provide and maintain their own identity data. NE Access allows for the attachment of documents and for the acceptance of corporate policies.


Empower non-employees to self-certify their relationship through controlled email verification by allowing only validated vendor email domains when they register.


NE Access supports authentication using LDAP, OAUTH, and SAML. An LDAP directory is included out of the box, but easily attaches to existing directories.


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