Master Identity

Master Identity

Merge & Maintain People Data from any Number of Sources

What Are the Challenges?

Since different relationships within an organization are tracked in a multitude of ways (for example, an employee’s information is part of an HR system or a home-grown system is used to track contractors), most organizations are not able to effectively and efficiently manage multiple user identities. This can lead to an organization relying on out-of-date or conflicting data. Furthermore, multiple active identities could leave an organization out of compliance and vulnerable to security breaches.

The challenge is how to manage this data to provide the most current profile information without expending time and people power to identify and update duplicate identities throughout the organization.

Just combining the different identities is not the answer, however. Protocols must be in place that identify the most current and pertinent information to ensure that the correct people data is the priority.

What is the ID Proxy Solution?

ID Proxy allows organizations to merge people data to establish and maintain master identities in a centralized repository. Whether an organization has people data stored in one or one hundred data sources, ID Proxy intelligently analyzes and processes it all, ensuring that all your people data is streamlined into one master identity.


Easily integrate with leading HR systems, databases, or flat file integration, to collect and merge data from any number of sources into a single system of record. A global person identifier gives visibility to HR and leadership and greater control to IT Security.


The proprietary algorithm allows organizations to define what criteria are most important to them and creates a scoring system to ensure that the most important data/records are given priority in the master record. The result is the most current single user profile for each person, regardless of their relationship to the organization.


Point and click interface allows admins to easily configure/manage the solution, without expensive customizations or the need to constantly engage professional services to make changes.


Integration with IGA systems gives organizations fewer feeds to manage, by consolidating all that information into ID Proxy prior to sending it to the chosen IGA Product.

Global Visibility

Create a global person identifier — regardless of location, division, employment status, subsidiary, etc. Understand who is out there and what their status is, quickly and easily. Make informed decisions about your global workforce of employees and non-employees.


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How it Works

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Identity Directory Sprawl

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Consolidated Identity Directory

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Global Identity Visibility & Management

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