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The healthcare industry brings its own unique challenges for organizations faced with managing identity lifecycle and the risk associated with granting those identities access. Securing patient information is a top concern for healthcare organizations. Appropriate data governance and data security programs should start with process driven Identity Management.


The digital transformation has changed the face of retail and manufacturing with everything from online marketplaces and eCommerce sites like and to companies like Uber that don’t even need a website to make money. New technologies have enabled companies to find new ways to reach and engage new markets, control and manage inventories, engage new worker types, leverage crowd sourcing, understand and better manage customer preferences, and ultimately reach more customers. Many of these new-found technologies also introduce new security risks, heightening the need for identity management.


The financial sector is a heavily regulated industry both at the state and federal level. Regulations include Sarbanes-Oxley, Consumer Privacy, Data Privacy and the Patriot Act just to name a few. With these regulations come the need for organizations to invest in applications that help them meet the often complex regulatory requirements.

Higher Education

For colleges and universities, managing identity lifecycles can be especially challenging. Typically, educational institutions deal with a diverse and rapidly changing population that requires access to physical and soft assets.

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