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SecZetta Makes Third Party Identity Risk Actionable for Global Organizations

Launches New Release of its Third Party Identity Software Linking Identity Lifecycle with Identity Risk Management

Today, SecZetta the leading provider of third party identity management solutions, announced a major software update that ties third party identity lifecycle with identity risk. This update, will allow companies to make identity risk actionable for non-employees. The NE Profile product provides organizations with a powerful business process and relationship engine ensures that ANY identity type can be properly onboarded and maintained so that the identity and access management system can appropriately grant and govern access. The suite of products gives IAM professionals, HR and the business the ability to replace legacy processes and homegrown systems with a modernized solution that provides significant cost, performance and security advantages.

In today’s dynamic, ultra-mobile gig economy, the U.S. workforce looks nothing like it did a decade ago—in fact, it looks nothing like it did just two years ago. “SecZetta realizes that a growing workforce of risky and complex identities is a real challenge which is exactly why we built the Identity Risk engine. First, we created NE Profile and NE Access to give instant visibility into the non-employee workforce. Now, we are adding risk scoring,” said David Pignolet, president and CEO of SecZetta.

This powerful new feature will allow companies to identify the riskiest identities and take action where appropriate. A company may want to add additional onboarding requirements, or approvals for example. “Dave went on to say that they have only just begun to see the ways this feature can add value to an organization.”

This update offers new features so that sponsors or owners of non-employees can more efficiently address various business requirements and scenarios. Users have more flexibility to interact with the simplified interface and can map specific workflow conditions to very granular requirements.

Consistent with SecZetta’s development approach, the majority of the upgrades were directed by customers themselves. The demand for these new features and enhancements is significant, and SecZetta has built them into the product to help customers continue to better address the growing non-employee population.

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About SecZetta

SecZetta helps hundreds of global organizations effectively design and implement best-in-class, process driven identity and access management programs. Bringing to market the only software platform that compliments IAM and HR systems to better manage the growing population of third party identities. SecZetta’s software fills the gaps in identity lifecycle: NEProfile, which manages non-employees life cycle process; NEAccess, which provides a partner portal for self-registration/onboarding, Self-certification as well as 3rd party delegated administration and certification; and IDProxy, which manages holistic Identity lifecycle by intelligently merging Identity data from any number of sources to maintain a single master Identity. To learn more about SecZetta visit us at

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About the Author
Jason Hobart
As a partner at SecZetta and contributing author, Jason has a passion for helping companies understand the importance of an identity centric business and IT strategy.
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