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SecZetta Looks to Expand Partner Program

Improved reseller and implementation partner program offers dedicated solutions support and training to drive partner success

SecZetta today unveiled its expanded Partner Program, offering training and support to drive new resellers and implementation partners of its third party identity risk and lifecycle software suite. The program gives partners the option to sell all their products, including NE Profile and NE Access which address identity risk and lifecycle for third parties, and ID Proxy which acts as an intelligent identity directory and authoritative source for all identities in an IAM program.

“We initially partnered with SecZetta because they understand the needs of the market when it comes to third party identity,” said David Cox, Director of IGA Services, Integral Partners. “We believe SecZetta has built a truly compelling solution that finally addresses the identity in identity and access management.”

One of the most underestimated risks facing organizations today is potential security vulnerabilities that can arise when non-employees or third parties are granted access to company physical locations, assets, and systems in the normal course of doing business. Issues can include a lack of controls and auditable processes associated with the non-employee life cycle, such as onboarding, off-boarding and provisioning proper access for non-employees. There are clear gaps in having procurement and/or HR addressing third party identity lifecycle management, and IGA systems are limited in their ability to manage holistic identity lifecycle.

“With the contingent workforce on the rise and the growing complexity and risk of third party relationships businesses need a solution that is built on a comprehensive identity orchestration, lifecycle, and risk management platform — one that can capture and manage the full spectrum of identities and their associated relationship(s) to drive the appropriate access to valuable data and applications,” said David Pignolet, President, SecZetta.

“We are committed to our partners success; they are the life blood of our organization so it is crucial for us to continue making significant investments in our channel,” said Jason Hobart, senior vice president, sales and marketing, SecZetta. “We are very excited about this program, and since we can work with any IGA system such as Core Security, Sailpoint, or RSA to name a few, we are excited to add more partners to the mix.”

ABOUT SecZetta

At SecZetta, we recognize the critical need for one authoritative data source for all people associated with a business, employees and non-employees alike. Building on more than a decade of experience in the identity and access management space, we created NE Profile, NE Access and ID Proxy — a suite of software that can be used alone or in combination to tackle the non-employee challenge by managing all identities and their associated relationships all in one place. Contact us to talk about becoming one of our valued partners.

Is Your Business at Risk?
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About the Author
Jason Hobart
As a partner at SecZetta and contributing author, Jason has a passion for helping companies understand the importance of an identity centric business and IT strategy.
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