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What We Do

SecZetta is an identity innovator providing a holistic approach to IAM/IAG solutions. Specializing in consulting and the creation of adaptable software, we are committed to finding the right solution for our clients.

Implementation Services

  • IAM (Identity Access Management)
    • Ping
    • Courion
  • PAM (Privileged Account Management)
    • Cyber-Ark

Consultation Services

  • Identity and Access Management Consulting
  • Governance and Risk Management Framework
  • Security Audit

Our Products

  • IdProxy One Person. One Identity. Merge, Prioritize and Maintain Your People Data with ID Proxy.
  • NeAccess Control Non-Employee Access with our Partner Portal.
  • IdProxy Effectively Manage the full lifecycle of Non-Employee Relationships & Access.

Our Products

SecZetta’s innovative suite of innovative software includes NE Profile, NE Access and ID Proxy as an easily adaptable platform to existing IAM systems or as a stand-alone solution. Our products provide a more efficient, effective and secure identity solution.

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Effectively Manage the Full Lifecycle of Non-Employee Relationships & Access

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Control Non-Employee Access through a Partner Portal.

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Merge and Maintain Your People Data.

The Problem

Image of non-employees tracking

How do you track your non-employees?

While most companies track employees with an HR system, non-employees are often an afterthought. In fact, we often see access for non-employees similar to that of employees, but with a fraction of the controls. To track non-employees, many companies rely on spreadsheets, homegrown databases, paper, or sometimes nothing at all.

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Increased Liability and Security Risk

The potential liability and security risks for these users are even higher than with payroll staff. For example, the 2013 Target® data breach stemmed from access granted to a HVAC contractor. This resulted in loss of revenue, fines, millions in settlements, and a real impact to Target’s® brand

The Solution

Relationship lifecycle management for non-employees

NEProfile provides a user-friendly solution that easily integrates into your current IAM system. This unique software enables business users to directly manage non-employees, and administrators to configure processes and policies to cover onboarding, offboarding, non-employee extensions and reporting.

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The Problem

How do non-employees access your sensitive data?

Frequently organizations struggle with how to best provide access for their non-employees without leaving themselves vulnerable.

Finding an intuitive and easily adaptable way to enable your business to onboard non-employees, while ensuring appropriate controls are in place prior to granting access to your sensitive data is challenging.

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The Solution

Easy to use Partner Portal

NE Access allows your company to control access to applications and data for Non- Employees through a single, easy to use portal.

Multifactor Authentication

With its “federation lite” process, NE Access allows for a strong multifactor authentication process without 3rd party tools to establish a level of trust based on users access to their own environment.

Onboarding Without the Burden

NE Access also solves the arduous task of onboarding Non-Employees by allowing them to begin the onboarding process themselves. NE Access’s workflow processes are set up to meet your needs. This flexibility allows you to specify the necessary onboarding criteria prior to a non-employee gaining access.

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The Problem

Multiple identities for one person

Frequently people’s relationships change throughout their interactions with an organization. For example, an intern is hired on as staff and then later on becomes a contractor.

With each new relationship, often a new identity is created for the same person.

Image of one person with multiple identities

The Solution

One Person. One Identity

ID proxy eliminates duplicate profiles by combining people data to create one identity for one person for the entire life of that person’s relationships with an organization.

Proprietary Algorithm and Scoring System

Using a proprietary algorithm and scoring system, ID Proxy processes people data from any number of sources and analyzes the data to identify matches. When a match is found, the new people information is appended to their existing record.

Utilizing priorities and rules set by the organization, ID Proxy updates the master identity record automatically. The final result is a single, authoritative source for all people.

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Our Services

Our highly skilled and motivated team works with our clients providing consulting, integration and implementation services resulting in a comprehensive IAM solution for your organization. SecZetta’s holistic approach ensures that your organization’s security and regulatory compliance needs are fulfilled.

By partnering with industry leaders such as Courion, Cyber-Ark, and RSA, we have the tools at our disposal to protect your data and give your organization peace of mind.

Through consulting, design, and implementation, we are with you every step of the way to ensure that your IAM needs are met and your organization has the right system in place.

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